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Bridebook ‘Best Wedding Photographer’ nominee

Yes, you read the headline right. I have been nominated for an award!

The Award is for ‘Best Wedding Photographer’ with

At the moment its only a nomination and I need your help to become a finalist and potentially win. All you need to do is click here and give me a vote, but what would make your help even better would be if you shared it with your friends and ask them to vote too. Now obviously I can’t thank everybody individually for voting, but please rest assured that every vote cast for me will give me a warm and happy feeling inside.

Difficult Start

This nomination has come as huge surprise as this year has been such a difficult one…not talking about Brexit here, but the difficulties that I had in March when I broke my leg and was off my feet for a couple of months right at the start of the wedding season. Fortunately, my leg is almost back to normal (well its not in two pieces anymore) and the rest of the year was extremely busy both in the studio and with weddings. Since then I’ve been to new wedding venues and even helped out a friend shooting a wedding in Sardinia (I did work hard…honestly), so all in all the year has improved lots since that date.


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