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Steve Davis – Snooker Legend

This week I was asked if I could come along to The Tavern in Pencoed and photograph the living snooker legend that is Steve ‘Interesting’ Davis. Contrary to his ‘interesting’ name, which he got thanks to Spitting Image, he is a really funny bloke and it was one of the best evenings I’ve had in a while. Constantly chatting and interacting with the audience and his opponent. Not only was The Tavern graced with Steve, he brought the first female snooker referee along with him too…Michaela Tabb. She is definitely not somebody to be messed with and Steve was put in his place a good few times during the evening. All part of the show I’m sure, but it felt natural and off-the-cuff.


During the evening Steve played 8 frames against local opposition and although he looked second best to take a couple of the frames, his class showed through in the end and managed to win all eight. He did say he was lucky on many occasions. On one occasion though, he tried to be a little cheeky and missed the open red a couple of times in an attempt to hit it and pot it from the other side. It wasn’t until Michaela warned him that he would forfeit the frame if he missed it again that he changed tac and played it safe.

If you went to the night I am sure you will have enjoyed and if you was lucky enough to have played him or just had your photograph taken with either Steve or Michaela then please have a browse through the images. hope you like them. If you’d like to buy a copy of an image then let me know what you would like by either clicking here or calling into my studio in Pencoed.



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