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Dance It Out

A little bit of what I got up to between Christmas and New Year.

To help with a forthcoming event that I will be shooting at I needed to get to some promotional images taken. Wanting to do something a little bit different and away from the studio, we headed down to Ogmore-by-Sea late afternoon to catch the sunset. Hoping that we’d have spectacular oranges and reds, it was a little disappointing when all we had was different shades of grey. Not be deterred though, I adjusted my mindset and vision and shot for the condition creating something that I am extremely happy with.

The rapidly changing light meant that the images all had a different feel to them, but shooting quick was also essential as the girls were freezing! In the end, we kept going until we’d lost all of the light.

What was initially supposed to be something that was full of colour and warmth turned into a very moody and evocative? I can’t thank the models enough for their willingness to pose in the cold and on rocks that were far from flat.

Enough of the waffle though. Have a look at the images instead.

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