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It’s been a while…

It feels like it has been ages and…well it has

My web designers have even stopped harassing me over my inability to stay on top of my blogs. I really should set a schedule in my diary or something. Anyway, as it’s been so long I must have loads to post about, I hear you say. Well…I’ve got a bit, but due to not being able to work due then it’s not as much as it should be and I really should spread stuff out over a few blogs.

Hmmm…what to talk about first?

Oh yeah…the studio reopening. I suppose that is the most pressing of news stories coming out of the studio at the moment. I had permission to open up again from the 3rd as I fall into the category of non-essential retail (I don’t really see how I am non-essential, but I’ll keep those views to myself). Knowing this date I decided that the studio would need a spruce up. So out came the paint brushes and rollers and on went the paint and I have to say it myself…I’ve done a pretty good job. The shop sign has had some new lettering as the word ‘photography’ had pretty much faded away and is now looking as good as new. There are few things that still need to be done, such as installing new ceiling lights (unlike non-essential retail, electricians have been busier than ever). On the whole, everything was done and ready for the 3rd.

With opening, all the covid guidelines needed to be followed and to keep everyone safe I am only allowing one person or household in the studio at any one time. I can’t wait for this to change! It would be great to get families back together and be able to photograph them. Being able to capture these precious memories has been missing for too long.

The last few weeks have been slightly busier than I expected with bookings for a a variety of sittings including quite a bit of product photography and identification photographs.

What next?

With weddings currently taking a bit of a back seat due to all of the uncertainty I will be spending most of my time either in the studio or portraiture shoots on location. It doesn’t mean to say that I’m not shooting weddings though, I have some planned for later in the year and I’m really looking froward to them. Over the next few weeks I plan on running a promotion of some form to help spread the word that I am back open and can do family shoots (same household), I just haven’t decided if it’s going to be a discounted shoot or a prize. You’ll just have to wait and see.

If you’re interested in booking me for any type of shoot, please get in contact here.

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