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New Prices

Yep. We’re all feeling the pinch at the moment and regrettably I am having to increase my prices too. I am going to keep the increase to the bare minimum, so they won’t be huge. Just enough to cover my additional costs.

What’s changing?

Weddings had an increase at the back end of last year, so they will remain the same for the foreseeable future.

Studio prints. This is where the main changes will apply. Without listing everything individually, there is a cross the board increase of around 10%. Some are slightly larger, others a touch less. I’ve tried to keep them at a nice round figure. 12×16 for example have risen from £55 to £60 which is slightly under 10% while the 8×6’s have risen by £3 to £25 which is slightly more than 10%. *

Canvas prints have risen a touch more unfortunately. They have risen for me by about 20%. However, I do have a more competitive option for a slimmer canvas (1″ instead of 2″). So I will keep the current prices and should anyone wish for a thicker canvas there will be a 20% premium on the listed price.

Passport and ID photograph.

UK specification. Will be rising to £8 for digital and £10 for printed (this option includes a digital copy too).**

International specification visa and passports. These will cost between £15 and £25 depending upon the requirements. Please enquire for exact price.

When will they change?

Good question. If you have already got a booking with me, then you will benefit from the old prices. All bookings made after the 1st June however, will charged at the new rate.

*5×7, 8×6 and 10×8 prints are presented in a strut mount. All other sizes are presented flat unless a frame is ordered for the print.
**print only ID/passports will no longer be available.

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