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Payment via QR code link

You have received your proofs back from the school, along with a flyer and payment envelope. On the envelope the QR code might have caught your attention. This is new for 2022 and as such it is still a work in progress and has a few teething issues. It allows for payment via credit card, you can still pay via bank transfer and cash too, and is designed to be a bit easier than trying to find the cash around the house to put in the envelope or trying to remember how to log into your online banking.


Yes, the major problem I encountered when setting up the link was that I couldn’t set the individual products to default to zero and had to set everything to 1, which would give you a shock when you click on the link as the total is far higher than you’re expecting to pay if you wasn’t expecting it. Don’t worry though, all you need to do is click on where it says view details and deselect the products you don’t want or add to the ones that you do. Once you have done this you should have the total price that is correct for the products you want.

In this demonstration video below the customer is selecting Package B at £25 and a high resolution digital image at £45 giving a total £70.

What next?

Please remember, whichever payment method that you choose that the payment envelope needs to be completed. There is new section to previous years to write down your payment reference. Without this I won’t be able to match up the payment to the order.


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