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Learn more about the general goings on with Andrew Davis Photography as well random photography tips and other helpful information.

On his blog Andrew offers latest news, photography projects, information articles, thoughts, views and customer feedback. You may even see a lot of photography shown here not otherwise available in Andrew's portfolio.

Jodie and Darren, Milton End Barns Wedding venue

Jodie and Darren

By Andrew | 8th August 2023

Barn Wedding So, I’ve got to tell you about the most incredible barn wedding I photographed recently. Picture this: a wet and windy day, with the clouds looming overhead and leaves rustling in the chilly breeze. It might not sound like the ideal wedding weather, but trust me, it added a whole new level of…

Magazine cover

By Andrew | 16th February 2023

Even though you can go to your local newsagents and there are dozens of magazines with dozens of cover photo’s it always an honour to have your image on the front of one of them. This time it was for Securities Finance Times which is a news-focused publication for the global financing, collateral and securities borrowing and…

Christmas Gift Cards

By Andrew | 19th December 2022

Have you been struggling to buy that gift for the person who has everything or do you want something that is really personal for someone special in your life or you just simply don’t know what else to get them? Well, this could be the answer…a gift card for them to have a professional photo…

Payment via QR code link

By Andrew | 13th October 2022

You have received your proofs back from the school, along with a flyer and payment envelope. On the envelope the QR code might have caught your attention. This is new for 2022 and as such it is still a work in progress and has a few teething issues. It allows for payment via credit card,…


By Andrew | 24th September 2022

So this week, not only did I photograph Ray with his amazing tattoos…and tbh a pretty toned body I also had the opportunity to photograph Simon. Simon isn’t like most people. He’s spent time to hone his physique to perfection and in doing so has created a career for himself coaching others, more about that…

Bodyscapes – The human canvas

By Andrew | 22nd September 2022

This is a bit of a new direction for me and the studio and something that is really rewarding. To see how happy the clients are when they see their images is something else. The reason I say that is because this is for everyone. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder or have a…

Perfect small wedding

By Andrew | 26th August 2022

New Last week I had the pleasure of photographing Hannah & James’ wedding at the stunning Tretower Court and Castle. This was a location that I’d never been to and only a couple of miles from the Green Man Festival that was happening at the same time, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect.…

ID Photographs

By Andrew | 31st May 2022

ID photographs come in all sizes. In the UK a majority of them are Passport sized, but international they can vary quite considerably.  So, if you’re looking for a passport photo then look no further. You can have them printed, digital or both. Prices UK Standard Passport size, suitable for UK Driving License, Blue Badge,…

New Prices

By Andrew | 19th May 2022

Yep. We’re all feeling the pinch at the moment and regrettably I am having to increase my prices too. I am going to keep the increase to the bare minimum, so they won’t be huge. Just enough to cover my additional costs. What’s changing? Weddings had an increase at the back end of last year,…

Gift vouchers

By Andrew | 29th March 2022

Well, we’re pretty much out the other side of this mess we’ve been in for the past couple of years. Obviously it is far from over and there is always a risk that it could get worse again. Here’s hoping for the best though. Gift Vouchers Prior to the outbreak and subsequent lockdowns, many people…

Once in a Lifetime Achievements

By Andrew | 28th January 2022

Headshots From sporting success to academic achievements there are always moments you should celebrate and many should be photographed too. It’s great getting that phone picture, but they don’t always cut it when you want to actually print them out and hang them on your wall. Sometimes it not even possible to get the photograph or…

Gift Cards

By Andrew | 3rd December 2021

Spend £150 and get a 10% discount on gift cards until Christmas* Andrew Davis Photography has offered gift vouchers for a while now. All of them have be customised to the individual and personally printed out in the studio. Although this personal touch is something that is at the heart of Andrew Davis Photography, it…

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