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How To Book A Studio Shoot

To make a studio booking with Andrew, you can either give him a call or fill out the form below.

If you choose the form you will receive an acknowledgement of your enquiry (please check your junk mail or resubmit checking the e-mail address given if no acknowledgement is received). Andrew will then contact you to arrange a sitting as soon as he is available to do so.

Book A Studio Shoot

What to Expect

A sitting fee of £50 is used to secure your sitting.* This sitting fee is deducted from your order once an order of prints worth £95 or more is placed.

After your studio sitting Andrew will then arrange a second date with you to come back and view the images, without any distractions, at a time suitable for you.

The lead time on prints to be ready for collection is approximately 3 weeks, but more often than not it is far quicker than this.


*Andrew will explain how this can be paid when the studio sitting date is booked.

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