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New Website Now Live

Its been a while since I have had an update to my website. The odd tweak here and there is all that has been done in the past few years, but alas, my new site is ready and is already live…in fact you’re looking at it!!!

Before starting the design of the website many objectives were discussed and a clear focus as to what direction the new site should take was decided. Its overall appearance should have a modern yet classic feel with clean and easy navigation. As a photographer I felt that the initial impact of the site should be dominated by imagery.

Looking back at my previous site it was noted that, although it worked on mobile devices, it wasn’t great. It had been designed before smart phones were the preferred choice of many for surfing the internet. Its main issue visitors had was when clicking to view an image. This often led to only seeing part of it, however it now works, if you’re not viewing this on your mobile try it….you will, however, always get the best experience when viewing on a desktop or laptop.

So, what else has changed? The overall look moving from dark black tones to a clean white fresh background is the most obvious, but not the only change. Navigation has moved to the left of the page from the top and consistent footer has also been added. Separate enquiry forms for the studio and weddings with more bespoke questions can now be found within their own sections. Along with a general contact form which can be accessed directly from most of the sections for those who are looking for something else.

Over the coming months Ray, my web designer, and myself are hoping to add further sections to highlight the work that I can do that isn’t wedding or portrait related. Commercial work such as product or head shots, personal injury and school photography to name just a few. But this is for the future and more planning is needed before this gets added.

My site was designed by The Seedmill


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