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Review of the year…2017!

Maybe its a bit late, but better late than never. You were probably never going to ask yourself this, but if you were wondering how Andrew Davis Photography did in 2017 here is a short review.

Short answer was…much better than 2016!! However, it couldn’t have been worse as I didn’t break any major bones and end up closing the studio on and off for several weeks. The break did change me mentally though. I now regularly visit the gym (sometimes I even use the equipment too) and I’ve started swimming a few times every week.


When I say much better, I mean I had a great year. The studio had never been busier, even in the cold, normally quiet months of January and February. What was also really nice was that I got to shoot a whole mix of subjects in a wide variety of environments too. From wonderful family shoots and baby portraits to location shoots and around a dozen Welsh Cap photographs…including one full international rugby player. The studio adapted amazingly to all of the different scenario’s that I asked of it. Other than people I also shot quite a few products, something that I really enjoy doing as I generally have plenty of time to compose them exactly how the client needs them and working the light into just the right spot. It’s something that I don’t get to do with families and portraits as that environment has to be fluid to allow for movement…sometimes lots of movement!!!


2017 didn’t restrict me to the studio though. I shot many weddings, either by myself or helping some of my photography friends. Getting to visit some wonderful locations both locally and further away…this is the only time 2016 trumps 2017 as I didn’t have a wedding in Sardinia to shoot. However, Oldwalls, Bryngawr House, Pencoed House, Hensol Castle, Fonmon Castle, and Coed-Y-Mwstwr Hotel to name just a few were some of the stunning locations I was lucky enough to shoot at. It’s not the location that makes the wedding though and in 2017 I had some absolutely awesome couples. It was their enthusiasm for photographs that made the difference and drive me on into 2018.

What next?

I’ve probably missed loads, but it was only ever going to be a short review with some photographs. All I’m hoping for now is that 2018 is just as good. I’m all energised and ready for the challenge and although I have quite a few bookings for weddings, I do still have a few spaces free. Give me a call if you’re interested.


Here are a few images from what I got up to.


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