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Buy now…get your shoot later and get a free 10×8 too…

I wish I could get through this blog without mentioning that dreadful thing that is happening around us. However, this blog is heavily related to it.

At the moment I am following all government advice and I am open as normal. Normal at the moment though isn’t the same as what it was a month or so ago. I don’t actually expect to see anyone come through my door for anything…even ID photographs, as why would you need them at the moment anyhow? There aren’t many places you can go, the elderly have been told to isolate so won’t need bus passes, no sports…so no sports ID photos, etc.

There is one thing that I can do, though. I’m hoping that through these difficult times I will have some sort of business to return to when it has cleared. And this is where you can come in. I am offering vouchers, which will be sent digitally so no physical contact is needed. These vouchers can then be used at any time you want. Even if the studio doesn’t end up reopening after the epidemic has passed, I will honour these vouchers with a location shoot either in your home or somewhere else locally. Let’s not dwell on that side of it though. I’m hoping that it blows over really quickly and I am back up and running in just a few weeks or so.

As a little extra incentive, I will give everyone who books a voucher during this crisis a free 10×8 print (worth £30).

Click here if you’d like to order a voucher for any amount.

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