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Going a little bit wild

They always say…never work with children or animals!

Well, having had a studio of and on for the past decade or so photographing families…including the children, I have decided to try and expand into photographing the more unique family members. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs and cats, but when I say unique…I mean unique. Reptiles, rodents, and arachnids…along with pretty much anything else.
This last week I’ve had a couple of shoots and if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you might have already seen them. I had the most timid, but adorable, Pygmy Hedgehog called Quaffles and his hard shelled buddy Fuse ‘the’ Tortoise. It does sound like game of Mario mixed up with Sonic, but trust me…no shells were thrown. I also had the pleasure of one of the coolest creatures around…that’s right…I had a Bearded Dragon called Gandalf come in too. He knew he was handsome and was quite happy just chillin’.

What next?

I’m hoping for more of the same. More unusual pets…more legs…or maybe even less legs. Yes. I want big spiders, more lizards, snakes and everything in-between. If they’re your super cute fur baby or your awesome mini beast and you want to have an awesome photograph to hang on your wall or show your friends…then drop me a message and we’ll get you/them booked in.

Will it cost me a fortune?

Not really. Due to the nature of the shoot, they are normally very short sittings and they’re all done in the studio, so there are no travel expenses to cover either. I have numerous options available to all including using my standard studio price list, picking one of my custom packages, or even going the whole hog and having a framed print or canvas.

How to book a sitting?

The easiest way is to drop me a message, but if you’d prefer to give me a call then you can contact the studio on 01656 857184 or if the studio isn’t open at the time, feel free to call me on my mobile on 07796 618598 (not too late in the evening though).



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