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Yay…I photographed a tiger in my studio…almost!

Yeah…not quite a tiger…but close!

Storm is a stunning Silver Bengal and although he shares many of the same attributes of his big cousin was luckily not into eating limbs. He was just a little inquisitive, which is far better behaved than many people that I’ve had in the studio. After exploring my desk and nearly every other corner we managed to start to get some photographs taken. A few resets and few treats enabled me to capture him perfectly. If you like them…let me know what you think.

I’m really enjoying photographing all of these little furry (and the not so furry) friends. So, if you, or you know somebody who has a cute little friend that really should be photographed, then get in touch for a booking. All details are below.

How much will it cost me?

Short answer…not an awful lot. Due to the nature of the shoot, they are normally very short sittings (anywhere between just a few minutes and 20 minutes) and all sittings are done in the studio, so there are no travel or location expenses to cover. I have numerous options available to all including using my standard studio price list, picking one of my custom packages, or even going the whole hog and having a framed print or canvas.

How to book a sitting?

The easiest way is to drop me a message, but if you’d prefer to give me a call then you can contact the studio on 01656 857184 or if the studio isn’t open at the time, feel free to call me on my mobile on 07796 618598 (not too late in the evening though).



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