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Got Your Back

A few months ago I was privileged to do a photo shoot for an up coming tv program. The program was Joe’ Lycett’s Got Your Back and I was asked to keep it quiet until the show aired, which it did yesterday evening.

Save Wool

His reason for coming to Wales was to meet farmer Jacob Antony who owns a farm locally. Jacob wanted Joe to help save the wool industry, where over  90% of sheered wools is thrown away. He managed to get locals to knit his design in a couple of days and have a photoshoot with them (that’s where I come in) at Jacob’s farm.

None speaking

I feared for the worst on the day though as the sound engineer had wired me for sound. Everything I said was being recorded, but luckily the montage only shows me taking photographs…phew.

You can see the article here about 30 minutes in. Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back S3 E3 and catch the rest of the series on Thursdays at 8pm on C4.

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