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Gift Cards

Spend £150 and get a 10% discount on gift cards until Christmas*

Andrew Davis Photography has offered gift vouchers for a while now. All of them have be customised to the individual and personally printed out in the studio. Although this personal touch is something that is at the heart of Andrew Davis Photography, it is not always the most convenient way for customers to buy vouchers. So, from today I am now offering online gift cards and for the next few weeks leading up to Christmas I am offering up to a 10% discount* on all cards purchased over £150.

Although this option had been available to me for a while from my card merchant, I have held back due to the designs available…so please forgive me as they are not my own and they are not the most exciting. They’re not that bad though!

Gift cards can be used for any service provided by Andrew Davis Photography, this include’s studio and location portraits, fashion shoots, head shots and wedding Photography.

This is all new to me, so I do apologise if there are any teething problems. Please contact me directly if you do run in to any difficulties when ordering your card.

You set the amount

I have set it up with predetermined amounts, but there is an option for you to set your own custom figure.

Click here to purchase a gift card

*maximum discount is £50 in a single transaction. Minimum spend for the 10% discount is £150.

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