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So this week, not only did I photograph Ray with his amazing tattoos…and tbh a pretty toned body I also had the opportunity to photograph Simon. Simon isn’t like most people. He’s spent time to hone his physique to perfection and in doing so has created a career for himself coaching others, more about that below.


Having just finished a run of several weeks at bodybuilding competitions a shoot in the studio to show off his body one last time for the season was perfect. This was his time and he didn’t have to share the stage with others or be restricted to just a few minutes of posing. It also meant that the lighting would be at its best for him.

Your own sitting

Now, you’ve seen Simon’s shoot and it has either inspired you or intimidated you. If it’s the first, then my contact details are below…lol. If however, you’re feeling more insecure about your own body, then that is totally understandable too. It 100% doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a sitting. In fact, you 100% should have one and use it as motivation. You can use a sitting as a stepping stone for increasing your confidence. Or maybe you have a target and want to have a before and after shoot?


If you’re looking at improving your body…not necessarily to this level then drop Simon a message or follow him on Insta

How do I book a photo shoot?

Either fill in the contact form or drop Andrew a message on Instagram. Or you can pop in to the studio in person. Normally I would do sittings in my studio in Pencoed, but it is possible for me to them on location. It could even be at your gym and potentially with some others interested in doing a shoot too.

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