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Magazine cover

Even though you can go to your local newsagents and there are dozens of magazines with dozens of cover photo’s it always an honour to have your image on the front of one of them. This time it was for Securities Finance Times which is a news-focused publication for the global financing, collateral and securities borrowing and lending markets.

The shoot itself was in the shadow of St Pauls Cathedral. A series of images were taken with the Jerome in front of the Cathedral. To add some more dimension to the article a few extra locations near by were used.

Magazine photography has a unique approach that isn’t really used in other photography situations. When composing the image, you need to allow for text placement else the image will be useless. Although I would have normally shot slightly tighter it wouldn’t have left enough space for the title or the cover story headlines. Being aware of where the image is going is something that a professional photographer is always conscious of.

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