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Claire and Chris at Oldwalls, The Gower by Andrew Davis Photography., Pencoed near Bridgend.

You want great wedding photographs? Follow these simple tips. (Part 4)

Four down, one to go!


Generally speaking the longer you give your photographer the better your photographs will be. Each and everyone has their own way of working, their own style and their own speed. You want the best from your photographer and they want to provide you with the best images they possibly can. So leaving an hour between the end of the ceremony and the start of the wedding breakfast and expecting them to get the images that you want is only going to end in tears. Allow a minimum of two hours from your arrival at your reception venue to the time that you a required for your receiving line or sitting down for our meal. If you can leave more they will appreciate it. It will also give you time to relax and chat with your guests before you sit down to eat should the photographs be finished sooner. You might also want to try and work out when sunset is and if you can allow it in your schedule allow your photographer 20 minutes in what is known as the ‘golden hour’ just before all the natural light is lost. There was an absolutely stunning sunset at a wedding I shot last summer, but I was unable to take advantage of it a the speeches went on far longer than expected. It was a shame and fortunately I had enough shots from earlier in the day, but still disappointing.


Okay, so you have selected your photographer, however, as much as they will make you look amazing they will not be able to get rid of the ‘tangoed’ look from too much fake tan or to repair your make up if it hasn’t been applied properly. MuA’s are not cheap, but a good one is worth their weight in gold. When choosing a make up artist ask for recommendations and have a trial done, you could choose to have it done before you go out for a night or even before you have a pre wedding shoot. Stick with make up that you use or if you want to try something new, make sure you do it well before your wedding just in case you have a reaction to it. Make sure you have some basics for touching up during your day too. Get it right before your big day and make sure its not to shiny. Your photographer will not to be taking the shine of your forehead in every photograph!!


Click here for the final part for more help and tips. If you’d like to meet with Andrew to discuss your requirements you can arrange an appointment through his enquiry form here.

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