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Samantha & Michael at Margam Castle. By Andrew Davis Photography, Pencoed near Bridgend

You want great wedding photographs? Follow these simple tips. (Part 5)

This is it. The final part to the series. A link to the previous blogs is available at the end of this post.


You have picked your super talented photographer and they ask you to do something that is out of your comfort zone, a bit wacky or something that is going too make you question their sanity! For many this could be just being in front of the camera. Others are happy to let anything go! Sometimes they will be extremely creative and think of something that you are thinking “what are they doing…how’s this going to look?” A few weeks later you get the images back and you you look at those images and think wow!! “That’s what they were doing!!”


I am yet to have met a wedding photography robot. They, like myself, are all humans and as such need nourishment. They will have spent several hours with you and your betrothed before you get to sit down for your meal. They might have been lucky and managed to have had a couple of minutes to grab a sandwich whilst in the car, but more often than not there is no travelling from the ceremony to the reception and they just don’t have the opportunity. If they do get the time, it is not always possible for them to get a hot meal as the wedding venue might not cater for meals outside of the wedding and it could be a good distance to the nearest restaurant. A well fed photographer will be recharged one and ready for the rest of the day. They will normally prefer to sit away from your guests whilst eating (this isn’t to be rude, but it allows them to switch of completely). Treat them like friends and send some food their way…honestly they will really appreciate it.


I could go on for pages and pages here. The problem with posing is that everyone is different…..and when I say everyone I mean everyone. A pose that would look great for one person, might make someone else look uncomfortable and awkward.

All I am going to say here is refer back to part 1. A good photographer will guide you through your day and as long as you have had a pre wedding shoot, many of the poses will start to come naturally to you. Hand placement, leg position, etc will become second nature and make you feel more relaxed, resulting in better photographs.


  • Your photographer can’t be in two places at once, so if you think you need someone to photograph at a different location (grooms home for example) then look at getting a second photographer.
  • Your photographer will more than likely come to your home (if that’s where you’re leaving from) and its a good idea to de-clutter as much as possible before they arrive.
  • Remember travelling time when planning.

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